Yang-Mills instantons over Hopf surfaces

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The 4-manifold S1 x S3, when endowed with the structure of a certain complex Hopf surface, is an example of a principal elliptic fibration. We use this structure to study the moduli spaces of anti-self-dual connections (instantons) on SU(2) bundles over S1 x S3. Chapter 1 is introductory.

We define Buchdahl's notion of stability and outline the correspondence between instantons and Author: David Stevenson. Yang-Mills instantons over Hopf surfaces Author: Stevenson, David ISNI: construction of Friedman to describe a method of construction for elements of the remaining strata of the moduli spaces over the Hopf surface.

In the charge 1 case we again determine the diffeomorphism type of the stratum : David Stevenson. Mathematically, a Yang–Mills instanton is a self-dual or anti-self-dual connection in a principal bundle over a four-dimensional Riemannian manifold that plays the role of physical space-time in non-abelian gauge tons are topologically nontrivial solutions of Yang–Mills equations that absolutely minimize the energy functional within their topological type.

Yang-Mills instantons over Hopf surfaces. By D Stevenson. Abstract. SIGLEAvailable from British Library Document Supply Centre- DSC:D / BLDSC - British Library Document Supply CentreGBUnited KingdoAuthor: D Stevenson.

Exact solutions to the self-dual Yang—Mills equations over Yang-Mills instantons over Hopf surfaces book surfaces of arbitrary genus are constructed.

They are characterized by the conformal class of the Riemann surface. They correspond to U(1) instantonic solutions for an Abelian-Higgs system. Nuclear Physics B () North-Holland Publishing Company YANG-MILLS INSTANTONS AND THE S-MATRIX S.W.

HAWKING and C.N. POPE University of Cambridge, DAMTP, Silver Street, Cambridge, CB3 9EW UK Received 21 May We present a scheme for calculating gauge-invariant S-matrix elements in the presence of instantons.

Henrique N. Sá Earp, Instantons on G 2 G_2 −manifolds PhD thesis () is a discussion of Yang-Mills instantons on a 7-dimensional manifold with special holonomy. Michael Atiyah, R. Bott, The Yang-Mills equations over Riemann surfaces. The geometry of the Yang–Mills equations (cf.

Yang–Mills field) led to deep purely mathematical insight, some of which is given notations, see Yang–Mills functional. A symplectic approach in terms of Yang–Mills theory for a bundle on a closed $2$-manifold enabled M.F. Atiyah and R.

Bott to explain old results of M.S. Narasimhan and C.S. Seshadri. Moreover, by a result of Nakamura [9], any minimal class VII surface with b 2 = n > 0 containing a cycle of curves is a degeneration (" big deformation ") of a family of blown up primary Hopf.

@book {BHPV, MRKEY = {}, AUTHOR = {Barth, Wolf P. and Hulek, Klaus and Peters, Chris A. and Van de Ven, Antonius}, TITLE = {Compact Complex Surfaces}.

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there is a detailed analogy between Yang-Mills theory over 4-manifolds and the geometry of maps from a Riemann surface to a symplectic manifold. The Yang-Mills functional is analogous to the harmonic maps “energy functional” and the Yang-Mills instantons to the pesudo-holomorphic maps (defined after a choice.

A great short introduction can be found in section "Yang-Mills Instantons" in the book Gauge Field Theories by Guidry The best book in the topic is Solitons and Instantons by R.

Rajaraman The standard references are. Skyrme–Faddeev Instantons on Complex Surfaces Article (PDF Available) in Communications in Mathematical Physics (1) April with 51 Reads How we measure 'reads'.

The rst subject concerns instantons in Yang{Mills theory and it has proved to be a powerful tool in the study of smooth four-manifolds. Electric-magnetic duality is present in Abelian gauge theories, where identities related to four-manifolds induce useful symmetries.

Del Pezzo surfaces are a class of four-manifolds which will illustrate. JOURNAL OF GEOM D PHYSICS ELSEVIER Journal of Geometry and Physics 32 () Gauge theory and the division algebras JosM.

Figueroa-O'Farrill 1 Department of Physics, Queen Mary and Westfield College, Mile End Road, London El 4NS, UK Received 10 June ; received in revised form 15 April Abstract We present a novel formulation of. Cite this paper as: Stora R. () Yang mills instantons, geometrical aspects.

In: Velo G., Wightman A.S. (eds) Invariant Wave Equations. Chapter 1. Instantons on four-manifolds 5 1.

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Bundles and connections 5 2. Curvature 7 3. (Anti-)Self-dual connections 8 4. Yang Mills theory and instantons 9 Chapter 2.

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Maxwell’s theory and the Dirac quantization condition on four-manifolds 13 1. (Co)Homology 13 2. Flux and gauge transformations 14 3. The Dirac quantization condition for. Abstract: We study nonlocal Lagrangian boundary conditions for anti-self-dual instantons on 4-manifolds with a space-time splitting of the boundary.

We establish the basic regularity and compactness properties (assuming L p-bounds on the curvature for p> 2) as well as the Fredholm theory in a compact model case. Yang-Mills instantons over Hopf surfaces David Stevenson Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick.

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Explicit construction of Yang-Mills instantons on ALE spaces. Journal Article: Hopf bifurcation in Yang--Mills mechanics. Hopf bifurcation in Yang--Mills mechanics. Full Record; Other Related Research. arXivv1 [math-ph] 13 Sep A MODULI SPACE OF THE QUATERNIONIC HOPF SURFACE ENCODES STANDARD MODEL PHYSICS COLIN B.

HUNTER Abstract. The quaternionic Hopf surface, Hλ. In fact, the simplest Yang-Mills theory is pure Yang-Mills theory with action S[A] = 1 2 Z d4xtraceF F: (9) and corresponding eld equation @F @x = 0 (10) Solutions to this equation are known as instantons.

More generally, Yang-Mills theories contain gauge elds and matter elds like ˚ and elds with both group and Lorentz or spinor indices. Also. The existence of instantons, like the existence of monopoles, can be traced down to the property of vacuum degeneracy.

Instantons are static solutions of the classical equations of motion of Yang–Mills gauge theory which are also configurations of finite energy [9, 27, 28]. We will employ again the Weyl or temporal gauge. The book provides a self-contained and accessible introduction to the subject.

It starts with an introduction to integrability of ordinary and partial differential equations. Subsequent chapters explore symmetry analysis, gauge theory, gravitational instantons, twistor transforms, and anti-self-duality equations.

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The moduli space of Yang–Mills equations was used by Donaldson to prove Donaldson's theorem about the intersection form of simply-connected analytical results of Clifford Taubes and Karen Uhlenbeck, Donaldson was able to show that in specific circumstances (when the intersection form is definite) the moduli space of ASD instantons on a smooth.

determining Yang-Mills instantons on a multi Taub-NUT space. Under the electric-magnetic duality, the fundamental- and bifundamental-carrying impurity walls are interchanged, while the super Yang-Mills theory describing the bulk is mapped to itself.

We perform a. For a closed 4-manifold X the Yang–Mills instantons define a nu-merical invariant Z(X), and for a 4-manifold with boundary we obtain invariants with values in the Floer homology of the boundary.

Actually, as we shall see, the simple axioms above need to be modified slightly to apply to the Yang–Mills set-up and the theory has a number of.Abstract. A hypercomplex manifold is a manifold equipped with three complex structures I, J, K satisfying the quaternionic relations.

Let M be a 4-dimensional compact smooth manif.Mills correspondence. The relation between Yang–Mills instantons and D-instantons isfurtherconfirmed by theexplicit formoftheclassical D-instanton solution in the AdS5 × S5 background and its associated supermultiplet of zero modes.

Speculations are made concerning instanton effects in the large-Nc limit of the SU(Nc) Yang–Mills theory.